7S Surfboards


Focusing on the hybrid genre, and surfers transitioning within the intermediate-to-experienced skill set, 7S offers a versatile range of surfboards constructed with some of the most innovative materials used for current surfboard manufacturing. This latest range exclusively features our PU construction to ensure we can make the boards as well priced as we can.
We have added in a little extra volume to make performance surfing easier, 7S boards are designed for the everyday surfer wanting to catch MORE WAVES and have MORE FUN.

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7S Surfboards for Sale

7S Surfboards are known for their exceptional design, which has evolved since the brand started in 2002. Each board is carefully crafted to deliver maximum performance and speed while still being easy to handle.

The 7S Surfboard range is designed to cater to surfers of all skill levels, but we have a real focus on the Intermediate surfer. The range is mainly made up of Hybrid models that work well in a wide range of conditions and help the surfer build confidence every session and catch more waves.

Take a look through our range and get ready to hit the surf today.

Discover the 7S Superfish Surfboard

The board with the most appeal due to its ability to perform in a wide range of conditions is the 7S Superfish 4. This board is designed for speed and maneuverability. The Step Deck rail allows for excellent levels of volume in the board without having bulky rails.

If youโ€™re looking for a durable, versatile, buoyant surfboard, the 7S Superfish is perfect for all types of surfers, suiting everyone from beginners to more experienced surfers. It also makes a great intermediate surfboard. The board remains steady in the water and easy to control.

Superfish 4 is a great choice for small to medium waves, and can also handle larger waves thanks to its wide nose and tail. Itโ€™s ideal for those who want to progress and take their surfing to the next level.

Our Full Range of 7S Surfboards for Sale

All of the 7S Surfboards are built using PE resin and PU blanks, which ensures that the boards are lightweight, durable, and high-performing. This construction method also allows for precise CNC shaping, resulting in boards that are fast, responsive, and easy to control.

The current range includes 3 shapes with multiple sizes within each design, ensuring that there is a board suitable for every type of surfer.

  • 7S Superfish 4 is one of the most popular boards in the world. This is due to the design of the board really allowing for maximum wave catching ability without bulky think rails that inhibit performance. The step deck rail on the SF4 gives the board the edge over many other models.
  • 7S Double Down: Intermediate surfers will appreciate the versatility of the 7S Double Down. This is a hybrid design that combines the speed of a shortboard with the stability of a fish foam surfboard. Itโ€™s an easy to paddle surfboard as it has a fuller nose and wide tail, while its responsive shape allows for quick turns and speed through the water.
  • 7S Jetstream + is the highest performance board in the 7S range. Itโ€™s built for better waves and better days. You might not ride this board everyday, but when the conditions are right it will increase your wave count and put a smile on your face that will be hard to forget.

Get More Waves

Overall, the 7S Surfboard range from Global Surf Industries is an excellent choice for surfers wanting to build their confidence and improve their surfing. Whether you are just starting out on your first shortboard or looking to come down in size.

The 7S range offers exceptional designs, performance, and quality. The 7S Surfboard collection has been using the tagline โ€œGet more wavesโ€. This pretty much sums up what the brand is all about. For more information on any of their designs, get in touch with us today.