How to use the Leverlock® system on Trident SUP paddles

The LeverLock® system, which features across the Trident Paddle range, has proven to be the most efficient and effective solution for adjusting and securing the height of your paddle.

The mechanism itself works via a lever, a wire that runs down the shaft, and an expandable rubber collar, which locks the paddle to any desired height, and prevents the handle from twisting. It also creates a water-tight seal within the paddle shaft.

Adjust the Paddle Height

To use it, simply lift the lever and adjust the paddle to the required height. Making sure the indicator lines marry up will guarantee your handle and blade are always around the correct way and perfectly aligned for use.

You’ll notice the lever has been ergonomically integrated into the handle. There are no protruding edges, and the low profile design fits nicely into the palm of your hand so its very comfortable, light, and easy to use.

Recalibrating the tension on the Lever Lock system

Recalibrating the tension on the Lever Lock system is also very easy, and may be required form time-to-time if the wire and rubber collar loosens, and the handle starts to turn.

To recalibrate, lift the lever and remove the adjustable portion of the paddle from the shaft, then locate the bolt and locking pin at the opposite end of handle. Turn the nut a quarter turn clockwise, you must then turn the pin a quarter turn anticlockwise, if you don’t the wire can twist which can eventually cause malfunction.

Re-connect the paddle and engage the lever as normal and check the tension. If it’s still loose repeat the process, turning the bolt another quarter turn and check the tension again. Pushing down on the handle is a good way to check the tension is correct.

TIP: we recommend that you rinse your equipment with fresh water after every paddle session to avoid corrosion and keep all your gear in working order.