How to attach a leg rope

How to attach a Leash / Leg Rope to Your Surfboard or SUP

The leash, or leg-rope as its also known, is a truly great invention that keeps you connected to your board, and saves you swimming to shore every time you wipe-out. The leash consists of the cuff and horn, which attaches to your ankle, the chord, which comes in different lengths and thicknesses, and the rail-saver, which is designed to protect the tail of your board.

How to choose the correct leash length

When choosing a leash, as a general rule for average size waves the leash should be roughly the same length as your board. For example, use a 6โ€™ leash for boards around 6โ€™0โ€ โ€“ 6โ€™6โ€ in length, or a 9โ€™ leash for longboards around 9โ€™ feet in length. For bigger waves and heavier/longer boards itโ€™s always better to opt for a thicker chord. They typically come in 3 thicknesses: Competition, Regular and Big Wave, but for the most part, a regular leash will suit most surfers.

Step 1 - attach the string to the leash plug

To attach the leash you first need to attach the string to the leash plug. I like to tie the two ends of the string together, then loop one end through the plug and double it over.

Step 2 - attach the rail saver to the surfboard.

Next attach the rail saver and secure using the Velcro straps. The string must be short enough so that the rail saver wraps around the rails in a range of different positions. If the string wraps around the rails it will cut through the fiberglass.

Step 3 โ€“ attach the cuff to your ankle

If youโ€™re a regular footer youโ€™re going to attach the cuff to your right ankle, for goofy footers, your left ankle. Undo the velco strap and then attach it to your ankle. It needs to be firm, but not too tight. Be sure to position the horn so that itโ€™s directed towards the tail of your board when in a standing position.

So thatโ€™s itโ€™s your ready to hit that waterโ€ฆ just remember when you come up from a wipe-out it's always a good idea to protect your face as the board can sometimes shoot back in your direction.