With some of the most well known brands in the surf industry, covering a full range of categories and models, GSI has a surfboard to suit your specific level of ability. So whether you’re a first-time novice, traveller, everyday intermediate, or an elite level surfer, we have a brand and board to suit you, and your budget too.

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Epoxy and PU Surfboards for Sale

With some of the most well-known brands in the surf industry, Global Surf Industries has a surfboard to suit your level of ability. Whether you’re a beginner, traveler, everyday intermediate, or an elite-level surfer, we have a brand and board to suit you and your budget.

It’s all about the thrill of the chase – and at Global Surf Industries, we have everything you need to get started. Check out our range and start catching waves today.

The Benefits of Epoxy Surfboards

Epoxy surfboards are popular with surfers due to their durability, lightweight, and excellent performance in small to medium-sized waves. They’re made with an Expanded Polystyrene foam core and an epoxy resin coating, which doesn’t makes them more resistant to dings and dents compared to traditional PU surfboards but they do have a longer life.

Epoxy surfboards are also lighter, have slightly more buoyancy, which allows for faster paddling and increased wave-catching ability. Browse our collection online today.

PU Surfboards - Classic and Timeless

While epoxy surfboards have gained popularity in recent years, traditional PU surfboards remain the majority construction in the market with a classic feel and proven choice that many surfers swear by.

One of the key advantages of PU surfboards is that they have a more natural feel and response compared to epoxy surfboards. This is because they are made with a polyurethane foam core and a polyester resin coating, which creates a smooth and seamless ride that feels like you're gliding on the water.

Another advantage of PU surfboards is that they are relatively are easy to repair compared to epoxy surfboards. In case of any damage, you can easily fix it yourself or take it to a local shaper for repairs.

We offer a vast selection of PU surfboards for sale, ranging from classic shapes to modern designs. Whether you're looking for a board for small, mushy waves or larger, more powerful surf, we have a PU surfboard to suit your needs.

SLX Surfboard Technology - The Future of Surfboards

SLX surfboard technology is a combination of a lightweight EPS foam core, a Biaxual ( multi strand cross weave ) Fiberglass layer on the deck high-density deck skin, added to the regular fiberglassand a carbon fiber bottom. This combination creates an incredibly strong, responsive, and lightweight board.

We're proud to offer a range of SLX surfboards for sale, including models from Modern Surfboards and Creative Army Surfboards. Whether you're a competitive surfer aiming for the top spot or an intermediate surfer wanting to improve your performance, we’ve got you covered.

We are a team of passionate experts dedicated to providing you with the best selection of surfboards, regardless of your skill level or style. Our collection includes a range of epoxy surfboards, PU surfboards, and SLX surfboards that cater to different preferences and needs

We take pride in offering an unmatched selection of surfboards, and our team is always available to help you find the perfect board for your skill level and surfing style. Get in touch with us for further assistance today.