How to insert original FCS fins

The original FCS fin system has been around for over 20 years and has proven to be a convenient and effective way of attaching a fin to a surfboard.

Identify the centre and side fins.

The side fins have a flat surface on the inside face, and a convex foil on the outside face. The convex or curved side of the fin always faces out, and should be positioned in the front plugs.

Centre fins have a symmetric 50/50 foil and are used in the rear plug.

To attach the FCS fins to your surfboard or SUP.

The fins are secured to the board by inserting the fins into the plugs and tightening the grub screws using an FCS key.

To attach the fin, make sure the screws are not impeding into the plug slots, if they are, loosen them slightly. Now line up the tabs with the plug slots and insert the fin. Be sure to keep the bottom of the fin horizontal to the board. Angling the fin forwards or back can cause damage by puncturing the fibreglass.

Once the fin is in place tighten the screws until you feel the end of the screw engage the fin tabs. Don’t over tighten as this can damage the fin tabs and plugs.

Repeat this process for the other fins.

To remove the fins from your surfboard or SUP.

To remove the fins simply loosen the screws until the tabs are free to exit the plugs, and lift the fin straight up. Again remember to keep the fin horizontal to the board when it’s removed as rolling the fin out of the plugs will cause damaged to the board.

Can dual tabs fins be used in the FCS II Fin System?

Yes, 2 tab fins can also be used in the new FCS II system. You’ll need to purchase two grub screws for each plug as these do to come with the board. Carefully put the screws into the pre-threaded holes in the plugs, and then insert and attach the fin as normal. FCS compatibility kits can also be purchased which include silicone spacers for the front of the fins.