Soft surfboards are great for anyone who wants to learn to surf, and super fun for experienced surfers. They have more volume than a regular surfboard, making them easier to paddle so you can get to your feet and enjoy the waves without too much work.
Our Epoxy Soft Surfboard range is designed with a bit more performance built in for those ready for the next step in becoming an intermediate surfer needing a soft surfboard in their quiver for small wave fun.

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Soft Top Surfboards: The Perfect Choice for Beginner and Intermediate Surfers

Welcome to Global Surf Industries, your go-to destination for high-quality epoxy soft surfboards. These boards are lightweight, buoyant, and forgiving, making them easier to control and perfect for building confidence in the water.

We have a range of high-quality soft top surfboards for sale, including the popular Epoxy Softboard. With our expertise and dedication to customer service, we are your one-stop shop for all your surfing needs. Check out our range today.

Why Choose a Soft Surfboard?

Learning to surf is a fantastic experience and the gateway to years of great fun and good health to come.

Soft surfboards offer plenty of benefits for beginners, including easy navigation and control because of their lighter, softer bodies. This also makes for a safer experience when learning how to cut through waves, as the lighter board will be more forgiving when you take a spill โ€“ and you are going to take several spills as part of the learning process.

These higher levels of safety and comfort make soft surfboards the perfect and practical option for those just starting out. Take a look through our collection today.

The Best Soft Top Surfboards for Sale

We have a range of soft-top surfboards to suit all skill levels and styles. Our soft top longboards are a popular choice for those looking to catch small to medium-sized waves.

With their wider nose and tail, they provide stability and ease of use, making them the perfect board for beginners. For those looking for a more performance-oriented board, our soft boards are a great option. These have a narrower shape, allowing for sharper turns and a more responsive ride.

Our Epoxy Softboard Collection

One of our top-selling soft top surfboards is the Epoxy Softboard. It features a durable EPS core, reinforced stringers, and a soft top deck for added grip and comfort. With its versatile design, the Epoxy Softboard is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers alike.

Our Epoxy Softboardcollection is designed to help you build your confidence in the water. This is for those surfers who arenโ€™t ready for their first hardboard, or for those just looking to have a bit more fun. Ask us more about the collection today!

All Your Surfing Needs Covered

At Global Surf Industries, we absolutely love everything about surfing and want to make sure our customers have an amazing time too. We take great care in crafting our soft surfboards using only the best materials, ensuring they are high-performing, super comfy and long-lasting. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, we've got the ideal soft surfboard that suits your needs perfectly.

We also offer a range of accessories and gear to complement your soft surfboard. From leashes and fins to wetsuits and board bags, we have everything you need to get the most out of your surfing experience.